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May - A better fund admin experience

May Product Updates


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This month, we're rolling out several powerful updates, from more precise control over document access to streamlined compliance and efficient CRM integration to boost operational efficiency. Anduin provides a better fund admin experience for all. 

New granular permissions on sub docs

We’ve introduced a new set of permissions which are designed to better replicate capabilities and functions that GP team members can carry out in their day-to-day life. Rather than settle for a generic one-size-fits-all approach, Anduin's Sub Doc permissions let you define precisely what each GP team member can see and do within the fund administration platform. These new permissions include:

  • Visibility - Users will be able to see the subscription documents on the dashboard view, dashboard configuration, investor detail drawers, and subscription details.

  • Sending Reminder - Email reminders (Such as reminder to submit subscription documents) will be sent to the investors throughout the subscription process.

  • Upload on Behalf - Users can upload investor-signed and fully-executed subscription documents on behalf of the investor.

  • Countersign and Request Countersignatures - Users may create, and fulfill a request for countersignature for themselves, and for others.

  • Manage executed documents - Add additional documents when preparing an executed package and update the countersignature.

  • Send executed documents - Send executed documents to investors.

  • Request changes to investor’s subscription - Send a change request following a subscription that has already been submitted, countersigned, or distributed.

Thanks to the granularity and user-friendliness of these permissions, Fund Managers can create multiple GP teams, each with a customized permission set tailored to their specific roles and responsibilities. This level of control is particularly valuable for Enterprise funds or those with a large number of collaborators. By defining clear permissions, Fund Managers can ensure data security, streamline workflows, and empower their GP teams to operate efficiently.


Granular Sub Doc Permissions


For our guide to the new, granular, sub doc permissions
Check out our dedicated Helpjuice article →


World-Check integration

The World-Check integration uses data supplied from investors on your subscription documents to perform automated, and streamlined, AML/KYC checks against their identities. 

Anduin now automatically triggers a World-Check AML/KYC check once a subscription reaches a predefined state (e.g. “Submitted”). Previously, Fund Admins had to manually gather investor data from subscription documents. This data would then be exported and uploaded to a separate third-party service for AML/KYC checks. This process was not only time-consuming but also prone to errors during data entry and transfer.

World-Check integration eliminates these manual steps. It leverages the investor data already present within your subscription documents and triggers AML/KYC checks against the World-Check database. This automation significantly reduces the time required to complete compliance checks, allowing Fund Admins to focus on other critical tasks.


World-Check KYC Integration


Salesforce integration

Anduin now offers direct integration with Salesforce. Using this pre-built integration, triggers of one system can be used to begin a workflow on the target system, and vice versa.

GP teams can now have access to a single source of truth for their investor information, and they can reclaim valuable time to foster investor relationships, rather than wasting time on manual CRM updates.

Now customers can easily launch 1-click invitations to a pre-filled subscription form, directly from Salesforce. The subscription status can also be synced back to Salesforce once the investor has completed.x

The intuitive setup wizard guides the user to enable the integration with a few clicks, before setting up the necessary data mapping.

SFDC Integration


A better fund admin experience for all

We continue to deliver new features and improvements contributing toward a better fund admin experience for all:

  1. Efficient AML/KYC Approvals
    Multiple AML/KYC documents can be approved across multiple investors in one batch to streamline your workflow.

    For our guide to reviewing AML/KYC documents
    Check out our dedicated Helpjuice article →

  2. Seamless First Close Management
    The first close in any new fund is automatically set as the default, simplifying the process. Additionally, detailed audit logs ensure full transparency and accountability.

  3. Enhanced Control Over Comment Threads
    Decide whether investors can resolve comment threads or not, ensuring that you maintain control over those threads.


Batch Approval




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